Women's Ministry

Reach . Equip . Serve Together

Welcome to our Women's Ministry, a sanctuary for women aged 18 and above to come together in faith, fellowship, and friendship. We embrace the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences, united by our shared belief in God's unique plan for each of us. Through our gatherings, discussions, and activities, we strive to support, uplift, and empower one another as we navigate life's joys and challenges. Join us as we grow in grace, wisdom, and sisterhood, discovering together what it means to live out our faith in the complexities of everyday life.

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No matter who you are and where you come from, we are for everyone. Even if you don’t think you “fit in,” you can belong here.

Grace Taye
Ministry Lead

Events and Opportunities

Pizza Night
Every Wednesday Night 7PM
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Summer Camp
August 2024 1 week
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MN Youth Convention
2 days youth convention Oct.
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