A place for all


Embracing and demonstrating God's love through caring for people, welcoming all, and speaking truth in love.

A focus on

Teaching God’s Word

Focusing on teaching God's Word, preaching, and being quickened by the Word, providing spiritual guidance and growth.

A place of

Spirit-Empowered Worship and Prayer

Engaging in worship and prayer with a spirit-empowered approach, seeking empowerment through the Holy Spirit.

We help

People Find Purpose

Assisting individuals in discovering and fulfilling their God-given purpose and place within the church.

We are

Next-Generation Focus:

Prioritizing the spiritual development of children, youth and young adults ensuring they are reached with God's love and teachings.

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The gifts our Father entrusted to you can be used to equip the saints. Don't let it go to waste.


Who we are

In 1954, Pastor Amos Levang felt a burden from the Lord to pioneer a church in Brooklyn Center. Twin Lake School at 4938 Brooklyn Boulevard (formerly Osseo Road), was rented and became the location of the first service on Sunday, July 22, 1956, with an attendance of 27. The organizational meeting of Brooklyn Center Assemblies of God Church was held on November 1, 1956......

Spirit-Empowered Worship

We engage in spirit empowered worship and prayer. People feel free to sing, clap, raise their hands and dance as the spirit leads them.

Spiritual Growth

We focus on teaching and preaching God' s Word. We provide spiritual guidance and opportunities for spiritual growth. We provide opportunities for the spiritual development of children, youth, young adults and adults.

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Our Ministries

The gifts our Father entrusted to you can be used to equip the saints. Don't let it go to waste.

Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry is a vibrant community tailored for men of all walks of life, aged 18 and above. We recognize the unique challenges and opportunities men face in today's world, and we gather to support, encourage, and empower one another. Through fellowship, study, and service, we aim to grow together in our faith and in our roles as men of God. Join us for our regular gatherings where we delve into meaningful discussions, share experiences, and strengthen our connections with each other and with our Creator.
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Children's Ministry

Welcome to our Children's Ministry, where little hearts are nurtured, little minds are inspired, and little souls are cherished. Designed for children aged 0–12, our ministry offers a safe, loving, and engaging environment where kids can learn about God's love and truth in age-appropriate ways. Through interactive lessons, creative activities, and caring relationships, we lay a foundation for children to grow in their faith and understanding of God. Join us as we journey together in discovering the wonder of God's love and the joy of being part of His family.
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Women's Ministry

Welcome to our Women's Ministry, a sanctuary for women aged 18 and above to come together in faith, fellowship, and friendship. We embrace the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences, united by our shared belief in God's unique plan for each of us. Through our gatherings, discussions, and activities, we strive to support, uplift, and empower one another as we navigate life's joys and challenges. Join us as we grow in grace, wisdom, and sisterhood, discovering together what it means to live out our faith in the complexities of everyday life.
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Young Adults Ministry

The Young Adults Ministry exists to provide connection for people ages 19–29 We are a diverse community of young people who come from different backgrounds. We believe God has a unique plan and purpose for every individual, but only by coming together can we become everything He has created and called us to be. Our main connection point is our Thursday night group which meets the first and third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. We get together and talk about real-life, relevant topics and discuss how it actually applies to our everyday lives.
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Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry is a dynamic space where faith, friendship, and fun intersect. We believe that the teenage years are pivotal in shaping one's identity and faith, and our ministry is committed to providing a supportive and engaging environment for teens to explore and grow in their relationship with God and with each other. Through exciting events, meaningful discussions, and service opportunities, we empower young people to discover their purpose and potential as followers of Christ.
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Prayer and Intercession Ministry

Our Prayer and Intercessory Ministry is a dedicated space where hearts unite in communion with God and one another. Open to all ages and backgrounds, we believe in the transformative power of prayer and the profound impact of interceding for others. Through regular gatherings, prayer meetings, and special events, we cultivate a culture of fervent prayer, seeking God's will and provision for our lives, our community, and the world. Join us as we stand together in faith, lifting up our voices and hearts in prayer, knowing that God hears and answers according to His perfect plan.
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Music and Media Ministry

Welcome to our Music and Media Ministry, where creativity meets spirituality in the realm of worship and communication. Embracing individuals of all ages and talents, we believe in the power of music and media to inspire, uplift, and connect hearts with God. Through our worship services, concerts, productions, and digital platforms, we strive to create transformative experiences that draw people closer to God and to one another. Join us as we use our gifts and passions to glorify God and spread His message of love and hope through the universal languages of music and media.
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