A place for all


Embracing and demonstrating God's love through caring for people, welcoming all, and speaking truth in love.

A focus on

Teaching God’s Word

Focusing on teaching God's Word, preaching, and being quickened by the Word, providing spiritual guidance and growth.

A place of

Spirit-Empowered Worship and Prayer

Engaging in worship and prayer with a spirit-empowered approach, seeking empowerment through the Holy Spirit.

We help

People Find Purpose

Assisting individuals in discovering and fulfilling their God-given purpose and place within the church.

We are

Next-Generation Focus:

Prioritizing the spiritual development of children, youth and young adults ensuring they are reached with God's love and teachings.


Our Past and Present Pastors

Zinna Abedu-Bentsi

2021 - Current

Rev. & Mrs.
Amos Levang

1956 - 1979

Rev. & Mrs
Robert H. Cilke

1979 - 2009

Rev. & Mrs Bernard Bouissiers

Jan 2009 - March 2023

Church Leaders

Meet our church leaders

Kweku A. Abedu-Bentsi


Terri Dickson

Golden Agers Ministry

Sis. Elizabeth

Evangelism Ministry

Bro. Bobby

Men's Ministry

Susan Maki

Hospitality Ministry

Mirael Abedu-Bensti

Media Ministry

Carl St. John

Accountability Ministry

Benedict Gborkorquellie

Youth Ministry

Myrna Jabah

Women's Ministry