A place for all


Embracing and demonstrating God's love through caring for people, welcoming all, and speaking truth in love.

A focus on

Teaching God’s Word

Focusing on teaching God's Word, preaching, and being quickened by the Word, providing spiritual guidance and growth.

A place of

Spirit-Empowered Worship and Prayer

Engaging in worship and prayer with a spirit-empowered approach, seeking empowerment through the Holy Spirit.

We help

People Find Purpose

Assisting individuals in discovering and fulfilling their God-given purpose and place within the church.

We are

Next-Generation Focus:

Prioritizing the spiritual development of children, youth and young adults ensuring they are reached with God's love and teachings.

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Recent Sermons

We've selected few sermons from our recent archive for you. Fill your Spirit!

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Join us in fellowship!

Church Launch Date

Mar 31, 2024
Mar 31, 2024
6030 Xerxes Ave N

Join us as we lay out our new vision and mission for the coming years

Youth Night

Mar 27, 2024
Mar 27, 2024
6030 Xerxes Ave N

Our Youth Ministry is a dynamic space where faith, friendship, and fun intersect. We believe that the teenage years are pivotal in shaping one's identity and faith

Adult Bible Study

Mar 27, 2024
Mar 27, 2024
6030 Xerxes Ave N

Knowing the word and studying the word is a sure way for us to grow as believers. This is why we meet every Wednesday to improve and learn.